Spyware Doctor

January 19, 2009 at 1:41 am Leave a comment

Spyware Doctor is an excellent (freeware) product.  There is a paid version, which actually does receive highest kudos.

It also automatically recharges your method of payment at the end of a calendar year.  As such, I would strongly recomment not buying it, but using the freeware version ONLY. I have written to PC Tools telling them I would blog exactly this (the advice to use it, but not to buy it), so I’m not in any sense doing anything unethical.  It did clear the problem I had (ZDNet had in fact recently advised readers that some of their sites had been hacked, and that they were far from alone).  I’m frankly astonished that the Aussies wouldn’t allow any 0ther method of payment.  Whatever.  I guess I’ll use the free one.  I also had an update from a friend recently met at one of the ZDNet sites (I’d guess PC whatever–I am astonishingly good on names) that I intend to publish shortly.


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Security Error 6000 (XP) or 9000 (Vista) Drive Manager

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