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Don’t go there until further notice.  There is a lot of unsavory content being hosted there, including a site that I noticed when an advertisement seemed suspicious to me, so I examined the address.  The http version alone convinced me (kickapoo, as I recall) that it was likely not valid without resolving the IP address.


I also read reviews of StopZilla there.  It doesn’t look like they’re policing comments terribly well.  One list of top spyware programs here (WordPress, I mean)…was in fact full of links to badware.  I ended up shutting down the computer and doing some save routines that I hope will work; it’s “Top Ten in Anti-Spyware” as I recall and totally invalid.



::The actual link is “kickkapoo.errornuker.hop.clickbank.net/” which also gets an error off of WOT and the site-blocker in IE 8.  I’ve disabled the link as you can see.  The basic idea is that if you visit the site you go away with a present.  An unwanted one.

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PC Tools I always knew there was something about those guys…

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