Conficker (Downadup) Worm; A Trick Against It

March 2, 2009 at 2:44 pm Leave a comment

You may have heard or read about the fact that one of the commonest ways for this worm to spread is via USB drives and memory sticks.  Disable Autorun selectively, and you’ve disabled the easiest way for it to make your computer a nice comfortable home.  Or network.  Or solid state drive.  This is the PC World article originally referring to it.

Note that the comments by and large would give the impression that this is probably unnecessary, and if it is necessary, why then it fixes everything.  That simply isn’t true.  Safety on the internet simply evaporated with the introduction of Windows 95, because that marked the introduction of a GUI (Graphical User Interface, one of the buzzwords in the late eighties and early nineties–of the 20th century; I’m not quite old enough for anything else, nor is my prescience working terribly well) that was pretty well impenetrable to the average user and became more so with each version.  That GUI did make the personal computer popular, because most people couldn’t be bothered to run programs from DOS and write *.bat and *.ini files (which were a truly fundamental pain:  pun not unintentional)–and it carried today’s worries, threats and overlays implicit within it.  Most people like me started using Windows because they didn’t like dedicated matings of hardware and software (Apple and its products, and with a correspondent high price tag) and because the new bloody programs required the fancy dam’ GUI to run, at all.

You can add in too that there are inherent limitations to DOS regarding both RAM and sectors of hard drives, let alone the 16-bit indexing of the hard drive which eventually became today’s 32-bit NTFS [that allows much faster location and retrieval of data].

However, to finish off this post, regardless; all programmers should be shot on sight.  Makers of computer components (particularly storage) should enter Purgatory early.  And makers of OS’s (the wordwise successor to GUI) deserve some punishment.  Maybe they should be forced to use Windows ME until they die, or maybe even afterwards.


P.S.  If I sound cranky and irritable, I’ve had about 9 hours sleep in the last 3 days because of pain and running out of money, so I couldn’t afford the co-pays.  I also absolutely refuse to start in again on some cycle of overdrafts and stilted advisories of my irresponsibility, particularly since my PTSD is pretty well aggravated.  People like me totally avoid certain situations or else face certain punishment.  And I’ve already been legally punished (still am being, for that matter) for daring to be epileptic.  And financially punished.  Hell, it’s a wonder they don’t brand a scarlet letter on my forehead–particularly since I am illegitimate.

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