Safari, new beta, freeware

March 2, 2009 at 8:16 am Leave a comment

The original objection to Safari was mainly that there was what seemed a complete lack of security controls for a PC. No anti-phishing and suchlike; the modern things that have become indispensable with the advent of click-jacking (since a friendly site can simply have cross-SQL code injected and send you to another unfriendly site, install software unbeknownst to you, or (perhaps my personal favorite [please note the deliberate irony] actually install an exec (*.exe) file on your desktop or in your startup folder, so…the next time you restart or whatever…you’ve kindly installed software for some other kindly soul (or sole) generally in the Ukraine or China at the current moment). The link for the Safari download is: [ for safety’s sake]. It’s also supposedly the fastest browser now on the market, with the smallest (RAM) footprint and the best rendering, the last being unsurprising since the Mac’s best claim to fame has always been its graphics. The Telegraph in the UK and ZDNet alerts are simply raving about it. I have it installed and I’ll try it. It’s also one of the new generation of browsers that’s attempting to run internet contacts in a virtual space, about which I’m entirely skeptical (without VM-ware, I mean; it just ain’t that simple, man). –Glenn/ mood: interested, in pain, skeptical

I was lazy and just did a c&p from LiveJournal

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