Work At Home: Could-be Gold Mine, Often Scam

March 6, 2009 at 1:16 pm Leave a comment

I can’t absolutely vouch for this site but I’m going to give it a highly-probable for trustworthy.  For now.  The real name is and notice that there is no “www” in the DNS address (that’s one of the mistakes* click-jackers can use, and not to your advantage, oddly enough).  Since it came from an ABC News coverage of the mostly-scam field, I felt it worthwhile to reference the coverage and the mentioned site.

I have worked at home, doing various things.  Among them, I was one of the people telling you your fortune according to the cards.  My main problem was that I was too honest.  If I had an answer in 20 seconds I wanted to give it and get done with it.  Come to think of it, that was my problem with selling stuff over the phone, too; I was too honest.  I didn’t take advantage of the drunks and the elderly (the latter often so lonely that it was nearly a tangible medium).  I still remember the shock I had when I found out that not everyone was in pretty well constant pain.  I suppose I’m naive.  Damned near everything (everything that I can think of, offhand) my adopted parents told me that I believed was a (n effin’) lie.  Oh well.  God works in mysterious ways, and all that.


–I sent a request to for any information they’d like me to present on this blog.   We shall anxiously await (I’ve developed multiple personalities during the wait, already.  o well).

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