Windows Defender, a minor note

March 13, 2009 at 7:49 pm Leave a comment

This was apparently the culprit in icons not showing on my desktop this morning.  It has a horrible reputation in any case.  …And odd how dependent I’ve become on icons.  I can remember when you had to buy them.  This was around 1990, when icons were the big thing (mice had finally come down to the poor man’s level, as I recall, though I may well be off on the timing; for a long while the screen commands via the keys were it, after all).  Here I was having hysterics (quietly, and quite mildly; I have lots of dignity, being 55 [you do believe me, don’t you?]) because I didn’t have pictures as well as the text to identify the programs.  I will have to add that the screen resolution had also been rather wildly affected; a display close to 800*600 when it said 1440*900 or whatever; major difference, in any case.  Turned off Windows Defender having skimmed through their bloody insufficient literature and had the desktop back.

I am glad MicroSfot is around, though.  Those Sfot floks are just indispensable.  Sort of like floating plastic bottles in the Puget Sound.


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