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I am going to just post the reply to the request I sent asking for more information.  It’s a legit site from all accounts.  [The pattern fits, too, although I can’t explain that one particularly well except to say that cons have patterns with one missing part which can’t quite fit with the rest, with gambling perhaps being the best one.  (“The house always wins”–and it does.)]

Thank you for mentioning us in your blog, and I apologize for the delayed reply. Chris was on ABC 20/20 last Friday, and we’ve been even busier than usual since then.
I think our site,, is an unusual value in many ways, the following perhaps foremost:
— Chris and I, as Staffcentrix, have been providing virtual-careers training and resources for 10+ years now
— Our resources and services, which include Webinars on work-at-home issues, are free
— We screen 4,500-5,000 job leads every week, to come up with a fresh batch of leads every day
— We’ve posted over 7,300 screened leads (representing well over 25,000 openings) since our Feb. ’07 launch
— In addition to fresh job leads, we’ve posted 700+ screened companies who hire teleworkers
— We publish biweekly the RRR Telework Bulletin (also free), with an additional 20 screened leads, plus news, interviews, etc.
With regard to compensation for telework, it varies widely depending on the job or project, which can range from executive positions with virtual companies to one-off web design, proofreading, writing projects, etc.
With respect to home-based call center jobs (inbound customer service positions), which many people are curious about, companies like VIPdesk and Alpine Access are continuing to hire. For details on wages and benefits, please see our chart at
Please let me know if you should have any other questions, and thank you for the opportunity to talk about the services and resources on
Michael D. Haaren, Co-Founder & Pres.
Staffcentrix, LLC
Virtual-Careers Columnist,

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