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Those accustomed to earlier versions of Windows may miss the more informative defragmentation tools.  Defraggler is a utility I’ve used on and off for years.  [The main reason for the “off” is switching computers, and generally because one died, and my memory really isn’t perfect.  I also lost a great deal of data due to a theft about five years ago, during a torturous moving process (advice:  don’t get epilepsy, and be prepared for a painful process in getting Social Security because of disability–even temporarily).]

Defraggler gives a graphic picture still.  Unfortunately, with the huge programs today (a 2-gig program is hardly unusual, after all, and 10 gigabyte programs are far from rare), defragmentation has become a different process.  However, we aren’t working with the File Allocation Table (FAT32, primarily) process any more with the NTFS files, but a far more arcane and involuted one.   Defraggler is still faster than the Windows program, and is in my experience–still more efficient.

Did I mention it’s freeware?  It’s also extremely easy to use.


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