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March 25, 2009 at 11:19 am Leave a comment

The update to the most recent editi0n is here.  I continue to use it on one computer, happily.  No program or suite is suitable in today’s online world as a standalone*.  In fact, true protection isn’t available.  More protection is available, to state that another way; invulnerability is absolutely unreachable.  Add on Ad-Aware, WOT, Haute Secure, F-Secure, Secunia PSI (software updates), FireFox with the No-Script Add-on (and the consequent ability to only temporarily enable Flash, QuickTime…oh, hell, never mind; there are literally too many programs that run with only spotty protection)…and you have a bit of protection.  Not as much as a condom at any time.  90% is a probable good estimate for excellent protection–i.e. 90% of attacks will be foiled immediately–with another 5-8% caught in scanning processes.  With luck that fatal 2% is contained one way or another.  I did forget to mention Spyware Doctor via Google as an essential in the protection process.  Links to the protection programs mentioned are available in this blog; if you have questions, you can comment.  Or ask that idiot @gmail.com.  oregon something.


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