The Fake Anti-Virus Program

March 27, 2009 at 10:45 am Leave a comment

It’s evolved, at least in title (among the security vendors):  Anti-Virus 360.  That’s when you visit a page–often unexpectedly–and have a page-within-a-page pop up and tell you that you have terrible problems with your computer and it will scan them for you.  There’s something indicating progress, from a clock to a line.  And then…the golden moment:  for just $xxx, you can have protection.  And give ’em not only your current paying power (from debit to credit card and all between) but your computer.

To escape, ALT+F4.  If there’s a problem, go down to Start and do a Restart (reboot your computer) or even power it off.  Anything else is taking a measurable chance you’re clicking on an “enter character”.  Saying yes, that is:  these programs are even known to leave shortcuts and executables on the desktop–if just one “enter” character is clicked (the “Enter” key is a “click” for this purpose, because I don’t even want to attempt to define what an enter character is in clear English–particularly since it’s actually a legacy from the days of teletype and paper tape, of all things).

And use WOT or Haute Secure, at least.  They’ll help.


Please do read the referenced article.

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