Conficker (Downadup) and April 1st

March 28, 2009 at 2:07 pm Leave a comment

Time for FUD (fear, uncertainty and despair–or disparate despair, should should prefer…), right?  Not really.  Good way to see if you have it:  go to  Note I didn’t type in the “world wide web” or www prefix.  If it’s a “Page Cannot Be Displayed” or 404 Error and same with symantec, microsoft and other security sites, most likely you have it and it’s blocking access.

If you got that, try to follow the link I gave on top, because it will give you other links.  You can also contact me via comments.  You can even figure out what my g-mail address most likely is.

As far as me agreeing with the gurus…I’ve never gambled (on the tables, that is).  Even though I was in Hong Kong.  I have absolutely no opinion what will happen on the first regarding this worm, its associated botnets and the crafty and misguided idiots that crafted it and its siblings.  Except that they’re idiots, I mean.


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