The fun of puns

March 28, 2009 at 1:29 pm Leave a comment

This is without doubt the most pointless article I can recall having read.  It approaches humor (I’m reminded of some fake lecture by Mark Twain, in fact).  It villifies and uses the part of unning, at once.  My actual reaction was “So what?”  Pun or don’t; just don’t go on about it.  Please.  Then again, the NYT (New York Times) is reactionary, stratified, stultified and crystallized into kneejerk reactions and definitions, combined with a complete absence of the ability to learn on the part of its editors.


aaargh.  That, I suppose, is what the above translates to.

Entry filed under: malicious rumors, misguided humor, psychology, social networking, writing and lack of thought.


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