Smart Defrag (Freeware)

March 29, 2009 at 12:20 pm Leave a comment

Recently I blogged about Defraggler, which is also an excellent defragmentation facility.  Or was.  In these days of huge drives and programs, it’s difficult to truly defragment unless it’s a constantly running tool.  The last time I exited it… (Defraggler) my “C” drive (generally the main drive, although not necessarily any more)…had 55% fragmentation.  The strength of Smart Defrag is that it can run constantly; it has a very small footprint in RAM and CPU cycles…and it will help avoid the task that seems to last forever if you just run defragmentation (say) monthly.  I actually uninstalled Smart Defrag for a while because I was afraid of too much runtime on my hard drive; I’m back to it.

I helped with the original five star rating.  The references on that page are real, not made up.

Recommendations on CNET home page:

…And as a final note, IOBit can be trusted as a software vendor.  I am not saying they can’t get hacked–hell, NASA and NSA both got hacked within the last couple of years.  I am saying their products are the real thing and trusted in the industry–and that I will vouch for them from personal experience and research.


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