Roboform and Oubliette: the Challenge

March 30, 2009 at 4:14 pm Leave a comment

I could swear I remember when Roboform was beta freeware.

I just read a white paper originating in the company that sells it as a corporate password solution.  Roboform is easy to find.  Oubliette is at Tranglos software.  And it’s freeware.  And I’ve been recommending it for a long time.

I don’t actually see oubliette as very satisfactory as a server-based solution, although because of its size it could arguably be installed on a memstick (USB blah-de-blah:  idea dates back to early 1900’s:  memstick) and as I recall (I was wrong; it’s installed into the registry, so solid state storage device run would be a bit beyond it).  It could be tweaked but that’s a bit beyond the scope here.  The oubliette program is designed for one user per file.  This means that for every user there would have to be a dedicated file, and no less than that–no recovery of passwords built in.  You blow it, that’s it.  Which brings us back to the “who shaves the barber” conundrum (“The barber shaves every man in town.  So who shaves the barber?”].

I’m actually fairly interested in the company’s reply.  If any.  Curiosity and the cat:  perhaps that’s why we have a lot of cats.


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