The New, Secure Web

March 30, 2009 at 6:16 pm Leave a comment

I don’t know if I’ve even mentioned this before.  Theoretically, with the most modern browsers (properly patched) a truly secure site is shown by a green shading in the address bar.  There was a statement late last year that this was a false sense of security.  Now it’s been publically demonstrated.  That’s just an article about it, with links that provide some details.  The real point here is simple and single.

There ain’t no such thing.  The Web is by nature insecure.  Ideally, any computer used for actual work like writing would be insulated from the Web.  That means that you’re not going to conference, or that you’re somehow going to absolutely ensure that no one with whom you conference has access to the Web via that machine–or via another machine to which it’s connected–whether it should be connected or not.

Just an appropriate observation.  I also wonder what’s going to happen in terms of DDoS on April 1st, whether that’s an intended side-effect of a botnet receiving orders or not.  But I believe in my protectors.  The government, or somebody.


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