Continuing With Freeware Password Managers

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Well, mostly it will be password managers.  Vaults.  Whatever.  Crawler dot com has lots of freeware, including a toolbar that includes…you guessed it…free security software.  I wasn’t totally satisfied with it, somewhat  less than I was when (as a customer of Charter) I had my ISP’s free security software.  It was a bit too integrated, or something.  With Crawler, however, I did find some potentially useful freeware (I’m pretty sure my “stickies” program for the desktop is from there, for instance).  Much as I truly hate to say it, they added the few things one could regard as “missing” in XP (as compared to Vista) as far as the Internet went.  My problem was and is that I already had the embellishments and how to manage to pick and choose.  I mentioned Crawler because of and by itself it’s a good source of freeware; I mentioned Charter because I hate it.

I also mentioned Crawler because it’s associated with OnlineVault, the next on my list of freeware password managers.  That bit is hidden in the fine print and as I tried to make clear I don’t take that as good or bad.  You do have the master password, which means the barber cuts himself every once in a while.  (Lose the master password and you lose access to your data.  Or else your data is exactly as safe as your master password is.  The commonest answer to that is “not very”.)  I’m deliberating on actual tactics for safeguarding things like master passwords.  I said that wrong.  I’m thinking about sharing on the subject.  As far as the actual thinking goes I was done with that a long time ago, even though I find myself absently deliberating on it once in a while.  Online Vault is a formfiller.  One thing that should truly stand out:  ONLINEVAULT ALLOWS FOR MULTIPLE IDENTITIES! Which is an interesting concept.  Naturally it has a password generator.  The one potentially dangerous factor is that you can use it for logins or remote form submission.  This would effectively mean closing the program or at least its associated (and password protected) file every time you’re done using it, or at least within a stated amount of time (I use five minutes on my manager of choice, oubliette).

Well. I just spent quite a bit of time investigating this one, because something just didn’t feel right, so there is a caveat.  A warning.  I’m not too sure about, one way or the other.  Evidently deVault is legit.  I’m going to download and use it myself.  The reason deVault qualifies is that it’s a data storage encryption mechanism.  The usual vault is just that in spreadsheet form, so there’s no reason to get tied to one form of encryption; this came up on a search.  I fully intend to go into more detail, but after having spent about three hours investigating as much as I could in order to give this a temporary “clean”…and now proceeding to download and install the dam’ thing, of all things…I’m going to quit being constructive for the day.  I would expect that by the time I’m done with freeware password managers (which pretty well includes password-protected data types [generally but not always begins at file level]) I’ll have covered at least 50 programs.  So I’m not going to burn myself out quickly.  Besides, it’s more fun if you do it slowly.


[Later edit:  I don’t know.  You can trace all their activities.  EULAs and whatnot are just vague enough that things could slip through…and I tried out the service.  I did not get spammed.  No identity loss (maybe it was the bald part).  Their identity check for establishment of an account with Crawler is pretty good, now.  By the nature of password programs, there is either great security or effectively none.  I have the feeling I’ll be asking around in the “industry” of commentators.  Everything I’ve heard so far is noncommittal.]

–I forgot to mention in the edit that remains my home page.  I got truly sick of MSN, then Yahoo (I refuse to add the asinine exclamation mark, I just can’t do it…).  I tried CNN.  Then it was Google.  Then…never mind; you get the idea.  All home pages are asinine. just seems less asinine and more bearable than most.

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My Old Home Town (Oak Harbor, Washington) Password Manager Freeware (A Continuing Saga…Search…Whatever)

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