Password Manager Freeware (A Continuing Saga…Search…Whatever)

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Next we come to Password Safe, which is by a professional cryptographer and presumably a programmer.  [Note that I just got it installed on the third try.  I used ‘pwsafe-3.16.msi’.  That’s the Windows Installer version, and it’s without the newest support for the USB stick.  Now I’m about to try it a bit.  SOURCEFORGE.NET is utterly safe, in my experience, dating at least from the days when I had just gotten up to a 56K modem and its blazing speed.  I’ve just tried out Password Safe on one password, and its ease of use is better than “Oubliette”–which is bad.  Unfortunately.  However, I give both of them a 5 out of 5.

Via that, I’m going to take another detour and say that Carol’s Vault looks very good.  I haven’t had a chance to check out anything except Password Safe–but I actually know some of the software recommended there.  For instance, she links to Audacity on SourceForge.Net.  That program was originally recommended to me by a professional musician.  It’s not quadrophonic, so it’s freeware, according to him.  It–Audacity, I mean–was complicated enough that I wasn’t going to use it for my only possible purpose, editing noise off records I was recording, so it went with an earlier computer.  The point of mentioning that is readers of this…have found Carol…who seems a good source for programs.

And then we come to PasswordSafe.  You say something like, “You just said that,” and I reply something like, “Yeah, but it’s a different program and a different location on the net.”  This has the capability to have a number of “safes”, and each time one is opened the former is closed.  So this is at least possibly something that could be used with a network and an IT department, although I’d have to admit that I’m skeptical of freeware and such situations.  (As to cloud computing, I think that has something to do with Valentine’s day.)  I do like what I see of the control panel.  I’m also dubious that I would ever try each and every one of these.  So here comes the research part (at 3.02 am).  Fifteen minutes later, I’ve looked for definite comments one way or the other and found none, and the kaspersky online scanner found no virus.  This is a German site, and I have the feeling that these guys at least were the “player” kind of hackers.  I don’t know if they exist any more, but there were people who just couldn’t resist the temptation to mess with the machines.  Or so I understand.  With the size of this it’s ideal for…various things.  This is a tiny program.

Now we have Any Password, with its own handy interface and password generation algorithm.  It is, again, the most secure in the world.  I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have said that.  Anything that involves a pattern comprised of commonly available objects can be repeated.  The reason that phishing is used so much more than password-breaking is that it’s easier and we–people, that is–are gullible by nature.  This is freeware for individuals and philanthropic organizations.

Password Dragon has a lot of neat-looking features and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.  Why?  First of all, it’s Java-based.  ” Ability to view records from the command line without launching GUI.”  The reason that the feature list brags about its ability to run under a firewall is to assure the user that all their sensitive information isn’t being transmitted to the aliens in the 300-foot machines.  Unfortunately, Java programs are easily corrupted.  However, Roman Lab is an interesting site and I w0uldn’t discount all their software.  Face it, I’m just prejudiced against Java, Active-X and the rest of it.

I haven’t mentioned RoboForm for a simple reason.  It’s actually shareware.  As a paid program, I hear it’s excellent.  After the trial period, max of 10 signons and passwords.

And at nearly 4 a.m. I’m going back to bed to see if I can sleep again.  The reason for the totally unreasonable hours is pain.  Often I’ll stay up until I have to lie down, lie down for a couple of hours and get back up, and end up keeping that up until I’m exhausted enough to actually sleep for a while.  The Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome bit isn’t fun.  [I made a rather long entry about that and the VA and deleted it.  Even I don’t care.]

The next intended entry is KeePass Password Safe.  Gee.  Lots of Password Safes.


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Continuing With Freeware Password Managers AVG (Freeware AV program)

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