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April 2, 2009 at 5:41 pm Leave a comment

I’m tempted to quit looking.  Password Safe–this Password Safe, I mean–has just become my password manager of choice, in preference to Oubliette.  There are too many conveniences that Mark whosit* was going to add, and he simply got too busy, just as he could no longer respond to e-mails.  I do intend to continue coverage of the matter until I’ve at least reached the end of my couple of searches on Copernic and WebFerret (yeah, I do intend to provide links at some point to the just-mentioned desktop internet search engines…but I might as well let people build up anticipation, or something).


*Jedlinski, and no disrespect intended.  Partially because of the epilepsy, my memory for names has gotten even worse.

Entry filed under: computers/tech, current news, freeware, internet security.

AVG (Freeware AV program) Mainly a link: Who/What Does Microsoft Blame for an XP Error?

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