On Intelligence

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Is a biological being with all of the physical characteristics distinguishing the human…discernibly human without the effect of society?
A scale representing the relationship between irregular data inputs (reality, if you will) and a regular representational system is interesting because of its implications regarding value.  I doubt value is intrinsic.
This directly implies–pardon me, would seem to–task-oriented valuation.  Relativity, in a word.
Intelligence may be best defined as an ability to form sequences of protocols, then, that best fulfill the task at hand (probably beginning with survival).
Some of these protocols for the human necessarily involve interaction.
The hypotheses involved, then, in the mere discussion of the subject of the enhancement of intelligent, form an effectively infinite field of definitions.  Best of all–what would a “genius” confronted with the “real world” do?  Try to join in, or hide?

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(and again) poetry from voices Asians and Embarassment

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