A More Challenging Driving Test in Maryland

April 18, 2009 at 11:03 am Leave a comment

This will indeed freak some people out.  There’s going to be a real driving test.  Hopefully this will include the mandatory certification tests for the elderly.  A real-world test is going to be better.  Ideally it would include pedestrians throwing themselves in front of vehicles; vehicles flagrantly violating all rules of law, safety and reason; emergency vehicles–and simply the unexpected.  Especially the police officer with an attitude.  I suppose that would be taking it a bit too far.  Maybe we should be thinking in different directions.  One of the Supreme Justices was talking about a car being a privilege (driving and possessing one, rather).  He should try getting food at a bargain without a car.  At least in this valley, transportation for the handicapped is so fraught with requirements you basically can’t shop (and don’t forget you can’t shop for too much at a time).  Better than that, let him walk home with his dinner or better his savings, and do it on a minimal income.  He doesn’t represent the people.  I suppose what he represents and intends to represent is his idea of the rightness of things.  Perhaps he drapes nude statues in his spare time.


My back really, really hurts; in the way that reminds me I won’t be walking for all that long.  Pardon me for the attitude, and admire my lack of foul language.

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