A Prediction Of Sorts

December 9, 2013 at 5:21 am Leave a comment

It’s turned out I’ve established an actual dialogue with someone who keeps her blog her, and it’s more convenient in respects to use this one than the one at LiveJournal.  Besides, I can impress her with my panoply of blogs or something (that was a joke, particularly considering I have no reason to wish to impress her nor even any clear image of her).

She’s going to be impelled to respond to a reply I made to her.  Mine was a bit vainglorious in appearance, as if I were bragging about being a genius.  She’ll have to attack me about that.  She’s also going to have to reiterate something about my being impelled to inappropriate social conduct.  Actually, I am; I basically prefer to ignore others on the whole, because they are too difficult to communicate with.  I have never been able to “act like regular people do”, mainly because I can’t appreciate the [lack of] reasoning behind what regular people do.

How I predict it is easy, since I know a bit about her by now.  She had an unfortunate experience and probably more than one.  Someone she knew got raped; I hope it wasn’t her, but then I despise rapists.  Since even castration doesn’t work to prevent recidivism I think they should be killed–another reason she wouldn’t allow me in her living room.  She of course knows of innumerable cases of women being victimized.  Her awareness of boys and men being raped is blunted if existent, I must note.  I did word the reply to prompt a response, primarily to test my understanding; if it’s utterly incorrect there will be none.

In many ways I simply don’t care about the things most people value.  I can’t just copy others, have never been able to; after all, that was what had them judging me autistic til I was nearly three.

I’ve signed up for her blog out of an abstract interest and because I know I’ll be impelled to write.  If this is in accordance with predictions made decades ago that is quite assuredly irrelevant.  Surely there is free will.

I will say that regarding truth as anything but relative is instantly problematic, which makes usage of the word at best questionable.  Very certainly it is dependent upon timely concepts (and McMahon’s “factoids” were simply a belated recognition of how we process reality).

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