Another Rant

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First of all, this is a permanent account and I keep being diverted to the cheapie one, the yuckards.  See, I don’t even have to resort to the body’s by and after products for insults.  I just use insults.


I had a computer attacked.  A couple, actually.  One was good enough that it looped at the level of going into actual Win 8 mode from DOS, and I didn’t have the recovery disk.  I also didn’t feel that particular computer was worth recovering for various reasons.  The other I still have and I’m having the joys of teaching NoScript what to, well, NoScript.


Quit running your fucking shit on my computer goddamit!  End of rant.  My apologies for the language, although few will actually find it unusual.  I have spent hours of time allowing and not allowing scripts to be run, once again.  I am at or close to silver on WOT, which means I’ve actually rated a LOT of websites.  The ‘Dark Web’? I used to love its predecessor, and I don’t even know if it still exists.  The Web has indeed become an intrinsically dangerous place, enough so that I’m actually thinking of habitually using it from the safety of one sandbox or the other.


This blog is more or less a diary.  My real one is encrypted.  This is just a taking note that I am here sort of entry, since it is a paid account.  I have deleted all past posts so please accept my apologies should I have missed something important.  It was very, very important that I did simply delete everything the moment I could.  LT kept and perhaps keeps cropping up in my personal life and I offended her by a mistake and I simply can’t stand any more drama.  Perhaps now I have finally taken care of that and managed to crop all her digital appearances in my life (I don’t know what she looks or sounds like, haven’t in fact read much of her writings, haven’t been in contact with her for years, haven’t made any attempt…and all of a sudden BANG here’s her picture there (I guess her real one) and e-mail address?? and entries from a blog…  I am not at times fond of computers.


Quit running your stuff on my computers.  And I mean that in more ways than one.  Remember, if you are a person and you think you’re having fun, I started playing that kind of game most likely before you were born.  And the ones who played with me were quite unhappy.  Hopefully I’m talking to a ghost, or chance.  Hopefully.


On the bright side the house should be purchased this week.  I own a 2012 Suburban.  LT.  1500K (that means it’s a real Suburban, 4-wheel drive).  Leather interior.  Most of the stuff the LTZ has.  All of the tinting of a movie rig (because of my medical condition–besides, it’s cool).  A bit more HP than standard.  Glass & paint treatment and they do make a difference.


My compensation for Vietnam went thru, you see.

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