Post 2 on Ways to Encode Messages (“Unbreakable”)

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This was currently used.  The MMPORG (Massive Multi Player Online Reality Game) offers several interesting niches for usage of variations on the book code.  For a definition of that see lesson one above.


From day to day, tasks and options may vary.  There are festivals and courses and fictional um, things you have to do in chains–I know lotsa fancy words, use your own.  For a period of time which can be predetermined the wording on these things won’t change.  This allows usage of a book code which has an inbuilt refreshment, something that humans are very bad at.  We prefer to use established protocols–habits.


These games even allow the formation of *timely groups that can be made nearly spy proof by insertion of something as simple as pre-determined word code involved with no less than “real” goals in some mini-mission.  *timely  PUG


The rapidity of appearance of acronyms suggests manipulation.


These have just recently become heavily monitored…

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