Crap Cleaner (CCleaner) Pro

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The original title is the correct one; oddly enough it offended too many people.  I won’t go into the history and such quite yet.  If you don’t have CCleaner, try the free version.  If you don’t believe me, read the reviews.  It’s excellent.  It even empties your trash basket.


The Pro version is well worth buying; I would say “more than worth buying” which is a commonly used phrase except for one small problem, which is the phrase doesn’t mean anything.  I have used CCleaner since before there was a Pro version.  I have never had a problem with it on any version of Windows; I have used every version except 3.0 (never saw it, and it was pretty well scrapped before production–having used 3.11 I can guess why (3.11 didn’t work) and Windows 2000 (I was too broke).


That means it has never conflicted with Windows.  I’ve never even heard of it happening though I’m sure it has.  It originated with the idea of a safe sane program that would eliminate the crapware on new computers, thus the name.  Crapware is trial software on your computer, often which you wouldn’t buy, and often was difficult to remove.  [McAfee is a prime example of trial programs which are difficult to remove, although I believe they have supposedly removed that from the most current tribulations I mean trials.]  See footnote 1.


It also cleans the registry.  It also works well in combination with Advanced System Optimizer (this is a valid program; the similarly-named one is badware and you will pay more than once if you buy or try it) and System Mechanic.  It also won’t even be visible except as software to AV programs.  If it is, they are badware (I heard about that one third hand; it happens to be one of the first things some trojans and the like turn off).  There are various other features.  Like instant access to ALL your start programs, and easy uninstallation (except for programs like McAfee, oddly enough–that was well-designed).


I’ve never been paid a penny by the writers of CCleaner.  I have never looked up their home base, and I’ve had around 20 years to do it.  It started out as pure freeware.  I did freely advertise it.  Use the free version even if you don’t buy it; you won’t regret it.  The kinds of things that it automatically cleans speed up your browser and take care of some vulnerabilities. 


I currently use Avast! and will be switching to Vipre shortly, for a number of reasons.  One is that I’ve been attacked at least 5 times, which makes it unlikely that it’s random.


Footnote 1:  NEVER ACCEPT ANY TRIAL VERSIONS OF MCAFEE, EVER, EVER, EVER OR YOU MAY HAVE TO RESORT TO A COMPUTER SPECIALIST TO GET IT OFF YOUR COMPUTER.  On the good side, it’s just irritating and slows your computer.  Although this is merely my personal opinion, I doubt you could find a noncriminal expert who wouldn’t agree with me instantly.

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