The New Revelation About Cellphones

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The only way to absolutely prevent apps from running is…to take the battery out.


No storage device can be electronically altered in a failsafe mode to guarantee non-retrieval unless multiple passes are made, it is removed from (it being the actual heart, such as a hard disk disk), and the device itself physically harmed as much as possible.  It’s also a good idea to destroy the device itself, to prevent things like RAM you don’t about hanging around.


Studies done nearly ten years ago do show that memory that is only effective in a power-on mode…actually can retain information for at least a week.  There is no doubt at all that the NSA has done the necessary research.


Burn the tiny card in your cellphone if you are afraid of the data being compromised.  If you use a notebook, make sure to know if it’s been opened.  I had that happen, and threw the damned logbook off the ship in the midst of a violent typhoon; luck to finding it.  If you read the group of novels centered around Smiley/le Carre is the author you will learn a great deal, but more about attitude than technology.


Snowden’s problem is that he thinks he knows the mentality of the spy, but he’s sure that he knows what the spy’s masters are after and how they work.  I’m sure he uses the meaningless word terrorist.  The heroes of one country are the villains of another, and it won’t changed with our political setup as it is.  I am of course talking about the international one.  The rights or wrongs of the given country are always debatable and always debated.  There is no “good” government.  Even if all were kings they would be discontented, because there would be no one to whom to be superior.

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