On True Love and Its Essential Value

August 19, 2014 at 6:54 pm Leave a comment

     On True Love and Its Essential Value

     having turned
   and turned again
to that (now faded)
  portrait of you, a bust…

You are so much
   a part of me
there is no place
    i can say, you began…

And i knew this, that there
  was no forgetting.
  I knew that then.
I did not hold.  I let go.

     having turned
   and turned again
to your portrait…at length, for a while, i manage to
      look away.


This is actually in reference to a number of classical poems and even if I recall a play of Shakespeare’s.  The point quite exactly (the poem was written long before the movie, perhaps not before a novel if any that inspired it) is “If you love some(one) allow them to leave” which is actually quite far from “if you love something let it go”.  And the point behind that is that we love images, not the people and “things” themselves.  Even the Jews made idols at the very time of that commandment…or they couldn’t have understood the commandment.


Now ponder that, if you will.

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