Assuming Logic, Here is a Current Interpretation of World Events

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Putin is aware of history and has read versions of The Art of War and The Prince.

Russia shares approximately 18 miles of land with North Korea; that is, they have a border.

It’s quite hard to track traffic on either side of that border.  I don’t have the evidence yet, but check; there has been recent evidence of heavy traffic during conditions when the traffic itself is hard to track, and the roads there have been carefully constructed so as to be hard to see from satellite.  I will attempt to Google this.  I do know from the Vietnam era that some of the roads existed then.  I know by virtue of a high clearance and ‘curiosity’.  [To be precise, I was gathering information sufficient to tell me that if certain conditions occurred and I was still alive whether or not I would need to attempt to do certain things to avoid WW III.  I was desperately hoping someone much smarter than I was or am would happen along.  I have seen no indication of her or him, although I have met my near equals who basically begged me to lead.  I have never, to my knowledge, claimed wisdom; I certainly do not claim it now.  However, I am apparently a genius; they apparently were right about that, damn them.  “They” are the kind of people who run your country and did.]

Russia is taking advantage of the unrest in the Middle East.  There is every indication that the North Korean Kim Jong-un although probably mad is well aware of current events to that extent; that is, to knowing about the Ukraine, the Middle East, and Putin.  There is no indication that either Putin or Kim are particularly stupid, particularly in the realm of power politics.  They should be trading.  An armed North Korea would appear to Putin to be valuable, although he would have to also try to trick them in some manner.  Paranoia would appear on both sides of that glass table.  However, there would be strong mutual interests.  The formation of a stronger economic bloc not dominated by classical ‘Western’ interests would have strong appeal.

The Middle East religion at stake demands the death of unbelievers and demands that they have a certain racial heritage to be believers.  It is a religion of war.  It was barely defeated at Tours, and it has been predicted ever since that Tours would recur.  That there are forms which vary somewhat does not unfortunately seem to vary the dynamic at all.  They will have no hesitation at using the unholy to strike against the unholy.

That means that there will be increasing cooperation between various parties in the Middle East, in Africa (most of the news of the wars there is still not easily available), North Korea and Russia.

The United States still has Russian sleeper agents*.  Without doubt some of the North Korean refugees are spies, although they may be being steadily “turned”; I strongly doubt it.  If I need to comment on the Middle East situation in this regard, you shouldn’t have bothered to read this.

The strongest motivation for people in other countries to cooperate against the United States is very simple.  We wish to spread “the American way to the world” and they don’t want it.  Ketchup is not the true and necessary seasoning.  The flat “a” is in fact nauseating.  Having been a sailor in Japan and for one moment having been able to see others from the Japanese cultural aspect (I was there as a child as well), I realized emotionally what I’d long known intellectually; Americans have no culture, any more than the Romans did.  What we have we’ve stolen, or fled from worse countries.  The American culture is that only of the dollar.  There are cultures within it, and they are actually viewed with suspicion by the state because they have values which aren’t monetary.

What we mean by “the American way” isn’t clear and isn’t actually a program; it just sounds threatening.  Basically it apparently just means forcibly spreading incompetence and enforcing the usage of key phrases and words which are basically meaningless.  “Democracy” means you have a multiple-choice questionnaire for your government that theoretically gives you control of it and actually means that you either pick from a bunch of people pre-selected for you…or basically abstain from voting.  “Dictatorship” means there’s a drunk or addict who thinks he or she is in charge and is actually at the mercy of his accountant.  Anything else is the attempt to add emotion.  Enough.  It’s one of my cynical days, where I’m sharing a tiny portion of what I was ‘privileged to learn’ from the ages of 17-21 during the Vietnam war, in its final days.

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