I’ll be writing (here) relatively regularly now

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The reason for the pause was various.  I moved.  I now own the place I live.  I had to take care of security, all sorts.  I had to very, very carefully consider linking the pen name and the ‘real’ name for actually real, although online there is one knot yet to be tied to actually confirm it.  Mind you, it’s not hard for most.

I was adopted, this is the name that I had, having disowned my adopted family.  Should I be asked, I will actually respond.  You don’t want to know.  Hell, I didn’t.

I also had to considerably consider, ponder and otherwise obfuscate the matter of whether I was going to be as selfish as I said I wanted to be, consistently.  After all, I was forced illegally to perform a job that (I knew this; I don’t believe I told the ones who inducted me into well, the NSA) was going to make me a war criminal according to the Geneva Conventions which I had inconveniently acquainted myself with in the process of reading The House of Krupp and The Writings of Mao Tse Tung–which went over well in a Secret school but could be covered neatly by ‘know thy enemy’ since The Prince was required reading over at the Academy and I was familiar with it.  I was followed presumably inconsistently for two years just as they said they would.  Unfortunately that was the model for those who had had Top Secret clearances, and I’d had crypto and not only that but I was privy to a lot of the planning at the end of the Vietnam war.

The Navy gave me a certain set of choices after boot camp, all involving A school, all but one involving mechanics and most involving heavy math usage.  I’m *more or less deliberately, in the past–the explanation becomes intricate and doesn’t fit here* not good at math but becoming expotentially better.  I was also an E3 when I got out of boot camp, incidentally.  Everyone is an E2.  My word, there are a lot of desperate questions out there.  I was first officially scored a genius in an interview duo of tests.  One was the General Classification Test and based on the Stanford-Binet which is no  longer used.  I got a perfect score on it.  A perfect score on it (I’ve been asked the question) means you got the answers to all the questions correct.  I have pondered the question ever since, to be honest.  My score on the math test was “impossibly bad”.  I’ll add to this I could write programs and was shitty at math.  Part of it was exposure to Japanese math and I need to leave here right now or my PTSD is likely going to program my actions.

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