First of All, When You SHOUT at a Reporter on Twitter

December 17, 2014 at 3:56 pm Leave a comment

You’re doing it, generally, hoping to do attention.  @JayBusbee (I capitalized to emphasize that’s a name and represents a person) is an example.  I’m using him because he’s been extraordinarily composed when responding to or ignoring attacks.  I have watched flamers now for 20 years.  Been one, in a game (but there can be true haters there too).

If you can’t support someone and you’re not offering constructive criticism, you’re using their reputation to get attention.

That was written for the writers of Yahoo! Sports Corner.

Here is my analogy.  The young lord-to-be at Dune, at dinner table, is witnessing voracious attacks by various people on others in order to gain the new duke’s favor.  He says, “You know, I read of a shipwreck once in an ocean.”  Since Dune was a desert planet at the time, the concept of an ‘ocean’ had to be explained; after all, on Dune the servants were selling the water wrung from towels thrown on the floor.  “Most of the sailors died, and many of them had terrible marks on their shoulders.  The ones who lived had stood on them in order to keep breathing and avoid the sharks.”  [That is not nearly an exact quote.]  “It’s astonishing to see such behavior at the dinner table.”

Don’t attack those who obviously like you and entertain you, or someone may end up standing on your shoulders while you try to breath; who knows.

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