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I’ve read a lot about investing.  I varied from advice in once specific instance (and I’ll be tracking what I do here (no, that’s not a link) for the benefit of whomever.  First of all, I’m more or less a “buy and hold” investor.  By that I mean I have what’s for me a large sum of money invested in a low risk (which means low return) mutual fund, a fund of funds, which can give an stability by its very nature.  OICAX is a very conservative fund and so are the funds in which it’s invested.

On the other hand against all advice I sold 900 or 1000 shares of AMD at that particular and peculiar point where the company itself was giving out all sorts of weird signals.  It’s using income to pay debt, steadily cutting back on R & D and worst of all it’s not designing the smallest chips.  It has farmed out chip production.  I had bought at $3.71 and made $0.50 a share [$25 broker charge, changed brokers for penny stocks] and sacrificed the other 400 or 500 a dollar later.  AMD continued to fall.  I’ve bought back in, but only speculatively–and without risking any real money, at $2.55 a share (following the mutuals, incidentally, though I doubt they’re mutuals in which I’d invest).

Look at the long term graphed results on OICAX and you’ll see why I am largely a buy and hold investor.  I am still learning, and this is a new game.  I will be doing stops and candlestick mode tracking and all sorts of strange things.  One either grows or begins to die, at some age.  Most in my family have chosen the latter at my age; most with my disease do the same.  I’ve begun to really fight again, despite the pain.

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