A Note On Change

January 30, 2015 at 2:17 am Leave a comment

What I suspected when I was in my late teens and twenties was that a great deal of the first part of aging was an increasing inability or at least unwillingness to change any more.  Adaptation requires constant change on some level.  Survival does require adaptation, because the environment will change.

The part of the environment that our society connects with the environment is in fact social.  It is timely.  It has values which are not only relative but caused by perception which is constantly influenced by media* which exist only in terms of language [which viewed in another way is a set of values which impel responses] and its associated concepts.  *Media: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medium although wikipedia should NEVER be used as an authoritative source; this is merely an example.  Watercolors are a medium for painters.

The environment which we experience is however far from purely social; that would take virtual reality.  However, the city environment is extremely distant from the ‘natural’ environment and there are few of its inhabitants who can survive without it for long periods of time.  Equally and perhaps oddly enough the ordinary rural person can’t stand the city for long periods of time and finds it almost completely unreal.

*Think of the Ten Commandments and other Jewish strictures as merely commonsense observations about the world around them and how to survive it, expressed in unforgettable form.  That would make faith a survival instinct rather than merely a need to copy.  Observably most modern faith is only the ultimate expression of a void–and voids are by their very nature essentially meaningless.

Personal meaning can be derived from exactly two places; from within or from society.  Apparently the first imperative of the modern society is to destroy personal meaning.

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