About Not Clicking on Ads Here

February 17, 2015 at 4:33 pm Leave a comment

They’re fine.  I was making sure about whether or not I was being phished (I was, but by a security company that technically doesn’t phish, it preys on the fears of the uninformed; I checked their reputation and then checked this site; I do not feel comfortable in naming the company that maintains security on WordPress; I will say I’ll just keep the free protection and do occasional scans; all comments ARE moderated=no easy phishing from here.  Any scan I include will have been checked, although checking is also timely.  Use UAC and if there is a prompt about installing something you didn’t ask for–deny it access, or run it in a sandbox if you can.  If you used to go to porn sites (of any level that are illegitimate–Playboy and Hustler should be fine, for instance; a revenge site for people absolutely would not be in many senses) expect trouble.  If you go to hacker sites and don’t use an isolated computer you’re an idiot, but I would say you’re an idiot in any case.  You will encounter black hats and you will lose to some extent and it could be your freedom–forever.  And don’t ever, ever go to the black site that was “fun” in the early 90s, the one with all the wares.  You’ll be botted first.

If this was mostly mysterious to you, good for you.  I don’t play those games and I have none of those conacts.  And if you try to leave a comment, of course, with a link to something bad (half the time they’re work-at-home tagliners) the public won’t ever see it.


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