About Throwing Away the Family Photos

February 17, 2015 at 3:38 pm Leave a comment

I can’t find Uncle Ward’s descendants, who would have wanted most of them.  I doubt they know I exist.  Danny is dead I’m positive–he was Ward’s son.  I’d bet the same of Susan Orvis.  She had children, of whom not a one was an Orvis and I don’t know the last names.  Stephen Phillips deserves nothing, not even vilification.  It would give him undeserved fame.  My mother is dead, my father never knew anything of me; my adopted parents are dead.

The history is gone and the stories are gone.  I feel there are those who will eventually come searching.  There will be few photos of me, though I have written prolifically and there is much to be found on the Net.  The Orvis family died on the practices of the man, Leo Orvis, who was a child molestor.

Janice, if you’re still alive, I wish you well; I wonder what your last name is.

Steve, if there is an afterlife–especially after all your justifications–may you be a boy, being endlessly raped.  YOU BLAMED YOUR RAPE OF YOUR DAUGHTER ON HER.

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