Fight, Flight…Restated: We Can Choose to Flee, Fight, or Submit

February 17, 2015 at 5:45 am Leave a comment

That’s actually the major part of this entry made simple.  The ‘simpler’ form is the product of a self-published book ‘The Territorial Imperative’, which in fact was initially widely derided.  One fatal flaw is that it might make it difficult to mate.  Society would be impossible.  In fact, families couldn’t exist, and mammals learn by copying.  Rather, we haven’t found an exception to that one yet.  In fact, it’s the only actual instinct in humans that we know of.  The rest of the so-called instincts are quite entirely disputable.  I was an example that fear of falling is not in the least universal, nor of spiders.  Learned.  I didn’t learn fear of   falling very well.  It is entirely doubtful that any given protocol can be identified as “natural”.

Which flies in the face of conventional wisdom.  But then wise people have never been able to stand me, they call me a wise ass. …

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