Some Needed Changes

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Something I want is a clearer understanding on the part of the public (not the deadheads supposedly representing us in Congress; I’ve made too many attempts) of what health care veterans nominally and normally get (the two are not the same).  I want the same requirements as for safe driving; urinalysis for voting presence.  Minimum presence requirements for Congress as a whole and for members.  Absolute requirements on laws that they be presented to the public for voting rather than imposed (as many have been).  That basically means there’s going to be another step before laws that haven’t been voted on going to the President–or they can go to the President and be approved–and damned well meet the approval of the voting public.  There should be full and complete reports available on every Congress person, backed by actual Background Investigations (those are not done by computer; what is currently being called a BI is a petty and pitiful excuse for skimming through relatively few computer files and stamping “approved” where before a President stepped in it was a detective investigation, involving questioning of friends, family, associates and business acquaintances and checking into things like local police records and bank accounts); the same for the President.  [That would be done during a voting process, not afterwards.  Doing so afterwards is a transparent attempt to seize power and has often been used in various countries to foment revolution.  Just as often, what has been found was entirely false.  My recollection and estimation at the time was about 80% on each.  [Yes, there were about a fifth of the cases where seizing power was the correct thing because of the way the election was run in the first place (a confirmation of power).  My studies started with 19th century politics, basically, because before that the countries in Europe were for instance even smaller than now due to the absence of quick land communication or travel.  Quick OR reliable, I should say; travel on land was quite perilous and pigeons were the fastest method of transferring information over a distance (now sit and think about that one for a long moment).  The cases that are currently justifiable in ‘civilized’ (First World? whatever disgusting phrase; we’re all humans, some are richer than others; I think anyone who used ‘Third World’ should be boiled in oil) democratic nations seem relatively rare.  And presidents (of various nations) get blamed for all sorts of things they could not possibly have done nor even for that matter known about.  It is not a good idea to upset established order with the approval of authority.  The logic happens to represent truth in this case.]  Congress people after they are in office? certainly.  In any situation where fraud can be involved it exists.  We need to solve the prison and prisoners situation.  A percentage of them are quite simply the same people who settled the West. And these are just the things I’ve been thinking about recently.  Another large percentage of the homeless and the ones made criminals, by the way, are veterans.  The police are very unhappy with people who don’t fit in because they don’t have protocols for them; they don’t fit in which means they are unpredictable.  That means that the officer has to use his own protocol as modified from the way he has been trained.  Now start looking at modern training and quit blaming individual policemen because this is too common to be ‘incidental’.  It goes from coast to coast and North to South.  And no, once again…the President just didn’t do it.  He’s not one of the boys in blue.  The Joint Chiefs issue orders that he never knows about except in worst-case situations.  I’ve kept hoping for a startling young Democrat firebrand to arise knowing all these sorts of things.

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