The Questionable Practice of Stop Light Cameras

March 7, 2015 at 10:53 pm Leave a comment

Do the Red Light Cameras Draining Your Wallet Make Roads Less Safe?
The horrible measurement of those unjust traffic fines is of…
1) Lack of awareness of the driving environment, which is fundamentally dangerous
2) Protest can only be prompted by willed ignorance of the law and/or a demand to be treated as a special case
3) Either unawareness of the time it takes to stop or ignoring it.
Yeah, ten seconds to stop from sixty and you’re just doing 25 and what about that guy behind you…  We all tailgate, many especially with semi’s (and the hopeful excuse that you just couldn’t see the red light–so what–you were following too closely for the situation).  Yes, there are people who speed up to at least twice the limit.  Frankly, I tend to drive my   Suburban rather than the blindingly fast little Saturn that is less than half its weight.  It’s just that I drove a lot of the time over a hundred miles an hour when I got out of the Navy and my unhappy little niche in it and although I’m being very, very careful to stay under that what I loved was the corners, not the high speed.  Anyone can press a peddle down.  That’s not bragging, it’s that it gets to me too and I’m fortunate enough to have a refuge when idiots newly come from California are being daring on 25 mile an hour roads, making asses of themselves, and making it dangerous for everyone.  They are fun on country corners.  These are the same people that have all the stop lights with the cameras.  If they see a deer their first instinct is not to stop; if anything they speed up, maybe swerving a bit.  Miniature SUVs are kind of like miniature bulldogs; they don’t take a really big hit.  Like a little deer.  Physics doesn’t work that way.  You can’t take all your corners the racetrack way, because it’s flagrantly illegal and it ticks everyone off, even the police up here.
Assume that a yellow light means “stop”.  If you think I’m crazy, read the little book.  It’s telling you the light will change.  And it basically functions as a stop light, because in practice if for any reason at all you are in an intersection when the light flashes to red–you are breaking the law.
Good grief.  QQ (which is gamertalk; s’posed to look like 2 eyeballs w/tears)

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