Approaching Singularity

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Note that neither Vinge nor Zelazny quite described the event itself; however, most of the components are now visible.  The singularity itself is indexing of knowledge (both faith- and experience-based), as well as the various hypotheses surrounding meaning, value and the like.

Science is a kind of faith; it can easily be described as a religion.  There are certain prescribed routes one must follow to be a scientist—otherwise one will be relegated mercilessly to the world of the Amateur Scientist.  Generally these are ranked in with the Wikipedia Believers.  An internet event has some possible connection to external reality (I’m using an absolute word to describe an entirely relative phenomenon, excuse me, it’s for brevity) if and only if it is reported by  several sources which are unrelated to each other (which pretty well rules out newspapers; at least in the 90s almost all newspapers were owned by the Chicago Tribune), preferably with foreign and domestic sources, if it is reported in relatively good English–if there is any video NEVER install a video player to see it, BTW–and if it more or less fits in with the fabric of events.  Unfortunately, yellow journalism actually tends to be first source for the consumers; the question is once again what is ‘real’ and what is not.  Science requires its practitioners to perform various rituals on the way to becoming recognized scientists.  Preferably they provide their teachers with at least one good idea they can use.  Unless they are dutiful and follow and established way of thought, they generally become ostracized to the World of the Amateur Scientist.  If they’re fortunate enough not to do so, by following the rules, they immediately forget how to do anything like chop wood much less cut firewood or dig a ditch, if they ever knew it.  However, they are much more aware of the real world than the working man; it’s in fact self-evident.  This very occasionally causes a problem with those who are obviously fit for the Way but can’t manage for some reason to fit in, and the only solution is of course, The Way of The Amateur Scientist, hereafter referred to as WAS.  [If there is a hereafter.  The problem described is real, though.  Experimentation isn’t verification in an empirical schema.  Hypothesis, theory, endit.  Sorry, folks.  When you can’t prove causation all is irretrievably lost.

So the ‘facts’ identified through the Singularity can’t solely come from the scientists, who are safe in their cubbyholes protecting the Stability of the Society, as do the courts, law enforcement, and armed forces.  The Singularity occurs (rather, begins) when indexing of information and direct interfacing with computers meet, which means among other things mobile virtual space and storage, not connected to the Internet.  You simply don’t lay yourself open to viruses.  Although some will.  There are indications that this will occur when actual Artificial Intelligence occurs in identifiable form.

We are approaching Singularity, I believe.

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