J. Rickards and the death of money

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Jim Rickards and His Death Predictions

When I was finally able to get down to at least some of the ‘meat’ of what he was saying, I was rather astonished.  He’s been babbling about something that was predicted in the 1960s and 70s to occur; according to John Brunner it was to occur about 2000.  I bought in for around now; I’m positive I’m on (classified) record.  The Navy’s stand on that one is something like “We forgot or if we didn’t we don’t know how to remember and if we did we won’t so there.”  Kissinger as I recall thought about 2036.  The U.S. government said 2050+.

There is no currency in recorded history that has lasted forever, or anything like it.  The likelihood of our government existing for thousands of years, here, is at best minute.  Societies change and in fact they fall.  We’d better hope we get off the planet or it will get ruined; it’s a fifty-fifty whether it’s a “man-caused event” or something um natural.  There is one rock scheduled to make at least a close shave that’s gonna have a major impact even if it’s only that.  Somewhere 2036-2055 or something like that, I recall.  By close shave I mean at least inside the orbit of the moon.  As I recall, the size of Manhattan Island.  The reason I’m pretty sure about that is because the statement made no sense to me.  Tell me it’s the size of Mount Everest or something; that all-important third dimension was missing

So, anyway, both were predicted to happen sometime middle of this century, last century.  There was supposed to be a lot of work on getting out into space for mining and incidentally truly tracking the asteroids; I see no sign of it having happened, incidentally.  The dollar’s decline that we were predicting was only its pre-eminence, and it’s already lost that.  There were some necessary moves that resulted in it, and I simply can’t say more.  I may write an after-death   biography, but that’s all.  Or if it gets close enough and it could provide impetus.  This Rickards fellow is not trumpeting anything new.  For that matter, read Rachel Carson ‘Silent Spring’ and think about it even momentarily.

*I know “man-“ whatever is sexist but I fought sexist terms all my working life and didn’t do a damned thing, I’ll use the convenient form.  I’m old, tired and dying.

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