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If you have an eidetic memory and you are in the state that follows, how do you manage to temporarily damage that memory–more accurately, the way it indexes things–to allow for what amounts to a reboot to a backup?  1.  The plan was made before computers were widely known, and the first method of indexing wasn’t available as an example per se to me.  2.  That state was that I was living in what amounted to a prison camp.  I mean this quite literally.  I was very well treated, mind; it would have been a gentlemen’s prison.  However, I remember the day after I was adopted my aunt pardon me my (new) mother saw me smiling and screamed at me “What are you smiling about?”  I stuttered a bit and said I didn’t know how to say.  “What do you mean?”  “I don’t know the words.”  “Then you’d better learn them, young man.  I’m going to know every thought you have, just like with Stan and Susan”, who were her other two admitted children; she had 4 in all, but 2 she abandoned to an orphanage*.  Very soon what I read was monitored and she openly read everything she could find that I wrote.  3.  It might not have been a prison camp except for one minor thing.  She kept me wanting me to act normal, the one thing I could never, ever do.  I am a genius.  She wanted to keep me there and…make me normal.  Rather, she wanted me to make myself normal.  That I couldn’t do so meant that I didn’t believe in God and therefore wasn’t saved–which was pretty well guaranteed anyway, since I was illegitimate.  4.  [Understand that I am merely further explaining that prison camp, privileged though it may have been; I basically didn’t lack for food, for instance.  She did withhold it from me when I was hungry because I ate too much, however.  I buried that memory because I was afraid of what I might do.]  I quickly found out that I had to bury a large part of my mind as much as I could.  In her mind it would have been totally justifiable to kill me if I had resisted her in certain ways; she might well have tried to have me exorcised.  My natural mother when I was nearly dying prayed for me not to die unsaved, not for me to live.  My wife and the landowner we rented from both told me.  5.  How can you be sure that you can divide and have it be adequate forever? you can’t.  6.  How do you trigger that reboot I mentioned? you choose two 4 digit numbers.  Yes, a PIN.  Well, I mean, you look ahead a bit more than 50 years and see a number.  You make another version of that number available as a lock; the other is a key, or unlock.

The lock was 7652 and used in 1963.  The unlock was 7625 and encountered January 3, 2015.  I obtained the number because I finally used a part of my skill in writing to produce something so savagely true that it produced immediate action, coupled with a plea to the president.  There was the prior request to McClain, mind you that had gotten me Social Security.

How does it crumble? slowly but quite surely and irresistibly.  I’ve even tried again and again to pretend it’s imaginary, and it’s not working.  I even thought I’d killed the eidetic memory quite thoroughly and only left the permanent memory of patterns.

*The lock and unlock cannot be re-used.  They hit the actual cerebral cortex join and there’s no way to go back.  Yes, I’m actually ambidextrous.  It is somewhat confusing at times.

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