Commonlaw Copyright

May 28, 2015 at 3:02 am Leave a comment

This is something that I need to post every once in a while.  What appears herein is mine and exclusively mine unless I attribute it to someone else.  I’m quite faithful about doing that.  The poetry is guaranteed original because I won’t quote other poets within the context of this blog.  I can’t recall having quoted a poet except forcibly…well, there are a couple of lines of Eliot’s poetry.  And that flaming tiger; but then every rule has its exceptions.  If I quote I attribute or do it unknowingly.

I expect visitors to do the same.  Should poetry be claimed as someone else’s I shan’t like it and might pursue it.  Should ideas of mine about sociology and psychology be stolen I won’t like it and will pursue it legally.  The way to avoid that is to say where you heard the idea.  “Attribution” is what they call it.  Samwise Davies is the supposed poet.  Glenn Charles has the ideas.

I’m sure I haven’t said this formally within the context of this blog.  I am required to do so to exercise my rights as an author, thinker and poet.  I have now done so.  I hope you are as inextricably excited about this as I am.  Yay.

God, I may have to go celebrate in a corner or something.  Like an overexcited puppy, you know?  I knew that would get you…

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