Cars for Veterans

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I had to get rid of a car a bit ago–I did it for Cars For Kids which is legitimate.  THIS DOES NOT SEEM TO BE AND YOU MIGHT GET IN LEGAL TROUBLE FOR DONATING TO THEM.  You can’t contact them for a car.  There is no contact link.  I find no other listing than their advertisement.  If you donate to them make sure every step is documented and that you have removed the license plates from the car, and that you have contacted your state’s DMV for any further instructions.  I’m adding contact DMV because that’s what my state says.

I donated a car and I don’t give a damn.  I never owned it because it couldn’t pass I & M, once someone else accepted ownership it was indisputably theirs AND the state attorney general was aware of the case.  The real danger is twofold.  The car could be chop-shopped so that stolen parts could be used.  That’s a real, burgeoning business in the United States.  It has been since at least the Prohibition.  The second is more likely but doesn’t rule out the first.  This could be an operation for acquisition of under-the-radar cars.

I spent about 15 minutes.  I read about 10 times as fast as the ordinary reader when I’m not straining, up to about 30 using tactics I learned through military schooling (when I was a child) and up to about 60 if I strain and can page quickly and accurately enough; at this pace some information is missed.  I damaged the first kind of short term memory which is extremely fast and very much like a CPU cache and damaged the manager for ‘RAM’.  Deliberately.  It’s a long story.  Most of the damage did heal but I did manage to not notice/remember some things.  Which means, yes, they’re evidently there to some extent.  If I make a blanket, blank statement like that it means that I have spent enough time researching (I won’t use my own opinion alone) that I’m utterly convinced.

Cars for Veterans is a scam.  Someone who tries to use that for a tax credit will be in trouble.  Someone just trying to get rid of a car may be in trouble.  Use Cars for Kids and forget the one for Veterans…because it shows no way for a veteran to obtain a car.  I could have furnished any information they wanted and it utterly failed the test.

My duty is done.

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