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Select auto insurance companies offer discounts to OnStar®¹ subscribers. It’s another great benefit of being an OnStar subscriber.
The Active OnStar Subscriber Discount, which is offered by select insurance companies, can help you save on auto insurance and in some cases, homeowner’s insurance just for being an OnStar subscriber. Your current insurance provider may also offer an additional anti-theft discount.
You may also be eligible for a Low Mileage Discount, depending on how many miles per year you drive. OnStar can help verify your actual mileage through monthly diagnostics reports, earning you a larger discount from your insurance company.
Learn more about these programs and find participating insurance providers in your state.

OnStar is not an insurance provider, and is not offering, recommending, endorsing, or advising on any insurance product or provider.  JUST THINK, THAT WAS COPIED DIRECTLY FROM AN E-MAIL.  JUST THINK, THAT MEANS THAT OnStar is always keeping its beady little eyeball on you.  There is no reason to suppose that it’s actually not on when you can’t get the benefits, although there’s no way I can think of to determine that.  Just think, I may have to quite using OnStar.

If I’d wanted you to keep your eyes on me I’d have asked you to be dicks.  [No, Sally, that’s a term for “private eye” or detective.]

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