About Unemployment in the United States

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Official unemployment figures are EXACTLY this:  those who claim unemployment benefits.

This does not include:  those who can’t fulfill the requirements (and are honest, out of fear) and therefore can’t file–more on this momentarily; those who have exited the job force because of discrimination which can’t be pursued (primarily the aged), and those who are regarded as (for a myriad of reasons) “unemployable”.

Some people can’t file because they don’t have a phone or a reliable address.  The way down can be really hard, and very few people are Lindsay Lohan (rich, with rich backing).  From my experience, people who become homeless the hard way  A large part of it seemed to be a loss of identity, by which I mean they lost their feeling of purposefulness in life, of focus and thus of self.  Oddly enough when you’re in that condition it’s much easier to get sick and much harder to recover.

You have to be ready to work at any time of day or not for any amount of hours in order to qualify for unemployment.  The scared honest ones outnumber the cheaters because the department does check, increasingly.

And if you’re fifty or older, your chances of getting hired steadily diminish.  I’m actually not sure precisely why.  My perception both working with most of the younger people in fields that required concentration and patience and having to deal with them, being the subject of their “work” so to speak, isn’t the kindest for said younger people.  However, I must say I had the same perception to a great extent when I was that age–of my peers.  I do notice a difference in that there is increasingly less literacy and much more of inability to do anything but follow.

There is also a surprising trend toward ideographic usage by means of acronyms and various ’emoticons’.

The reason I include this is that it may have an effect on hiring, since those who hire are generally a good deal younger than thirty, and they would share traits.

And the point of all this is that there is much more to the economy and what is affecting it than what is weighed in officially.  A great deal is labeled irrelevant automatically.  The endless dithering about when the Fed will start raising interest rates hinges on ‘unemployment rates’ which don’t bear an actual relationship to the amount of people employed in this country and fail to even give a nod to the ones who wish to be employed in this country but have given up; they have tried too many times to no avail.  And for every job there are a hundred applicants.  There is a widening gulf, and it is aided by a complete lack of perception.  To even attempt to label things as just and unjust when there is so much outright ignorance involved is fruitless but I must say I’m tempted.

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