Some Good Things About Racism

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I was accused of being heavily prejudiced and a racist today, so I thought I’d pursue the point.  Bear in mind that flaming title as you read.  I want a growing anger at the back of your mind.

At five years old I’m not sure I’d ever knowingly seen a black before.  I was a baby in Tennessee but I left before talking-point; the odds of me noticing are slim.  There were a great many horribly important things I frankly never noticed until they were emphasized to me, and many times I thought the person was horribly…something else (*the person that told me).  I’ll name the category in a moment.

I know when my mother and I moved to the Rogue Valley there wouldn’t have been any blacks here.  That was 1958.  The last really big national meeting of the KKK was supposedly in…Grants Pass.  The year I was born.  1953.  Crosses were still burned in front of houses when I was a child here.  It was probably the mid-80s before blacks could stand to stay here.  Wonderful.  The Mexicans were generally crowded into tiny houses.  So what, you say?  Picture your horrible pictures of families living in hotels.  Then think of a house with five rooms, five families, and the ‘boss’ in charge who doesn’t work but takes care of things like the rent (in both senses), finds drugs, and takes care of the lack of green cards.

So what, you say?  That was a great way to die.  Picture being in a foreign country, either not being able to speak the language at all or poorly and desperately needing–well, anything.  Especially medicine.

I saw blacks on television, and I heard people (people?) around me call them ‘niggers’.  I even asked what it meant, and was punished (by one of the people that used the word, no less).

Picture this happening to a child that teachers rapidly couldn’t stand because he just didn’t fit.  The kindergarten pushed me into school a year early, having had to allow me in a year early, because I could not stand baby sitters any more.  My mother and then my adopted parents wouldn’t allow me to be advanced in grade, incidentally.

I met Hawaiians at 5 years old and the first thing I noticed was that people who weren’t white tended to be more polite and sensible than a lot of whites.  Bear in mind that the Rogue Valley at this time was aggressively rural.  Oregon was forced into the Union and it still rankled.  The laws were forcing people out of the hills, off their homesteads, into the cities and often making them homeless.

Point 1 is simple.  Racially prejudiced people without exception search for those to whom they can feel superior.  They will denigrate [I still believe that word is etymologically related, incidentally] those with more education and those with less.  Those who are different in any way are obviously to be hated.  They listen to different music, they dress differently, they believe in the wrong god, they drive on the wrong side of the road, their eyes are slanted (which in my eyes was generally beautiful, and in the days of idolizing blonde hair I liked brunettes and the sable hair of the Orientals), they…differ.  Therefore, you see, they should be at least separated from [the correct ones].

The older I grew and the more I understood the more I hated racists–but I admit I mentally broadened the term.  I hated those who were prejudiced against others who merely different.  Yes, I hate ISIS–because of their prejudice and bile (although they are merely following through on the promise their ancestors made at Tours).  Don’t ask me what I think of the United States government and many of its policies.  Think it out.

I met upper class Englishmen in Hong Kong, and found out that I too am racially prejudiced, or at least have lasting anger pertaining to class.  Bear in mind that I was invited in at this time.  I was invited to Annapolis, and I was invited to join the UK Navy–I was invited to have a tour of duty aboard the Navy ‘oceanographic vessel’. [DO NOT ASK ABOUT THE QUOTES.  It is that, though…  Full stop.] I was invited in to the fast track to the JCS which is where many CEOs come from.

I also was aware that this would be a step confirming an exclusive definition concerning values and identities of others, including race.

I thought racists should be killed.  Don’t ask over the internet.  Ask in person.  Maybe my opinion has changed.

Point 2 is simpler.  Racially prejudiced people are looking for a way to ensure THEIR privilege.

Point 3 is simplest of all.  If you are defined to me by how much you make, what you look like, how you dress–then I am a complete fucking idiot.  Sorry for the language, but that one is needed.

Point 4 and last is nearly as simple as 3.  If I need affirmation and identity that badly then racial prejudice simply won’t serve.  I also don’t deserve it and have judged myself in just that fashion if I’m racially prejudiced.

I was threatened a number of times on the ship during the Vietnam war for associating with blacks.  (I also got threatened by them for being friendly with whites, which was asinine.)  It didn’t work particularly well.

And now for the list of good things about racism:

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