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It hadn’t occurred to me that anyone would read what I wrote.  GrowthHackers has somewhat inspired me, as have the comments over the years to please publish, from people with varying motives.

One of them was Lawson Inada.  http://oregonencyclopedia.org/articles/inada_lawson_fusao_1938_/#.VYyH00Y7_Ks And you should find that a bit more complete on the post following or preceding this.

Another was a science fiction writer, of all things.  Many have never heard of her.  Her name is Ursula K. Le Guin.

Please do not mistake me.  Neither would assist me; they wished me to get published.  They felt both that I did not need their assistance and that such assistance was not a good thing to give.  Twenty years later I very much agree.

It will be an odd thing.  I was very much afraid that I’d start concentrating on salability rather than validity; that was after all one of the major reasons if not the reason I left the Navy and refused the immediate offer from the CIA.  (Starting salary as trainee in 1976; $10k.)  I had ignored the obvious offer from the NSA as I was being read the riot act upon actual discharge.

Please wish me luck with a whole rush of feelings.  Most of all, it will be very hard to do this.


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Lawson Fusao Inada (1938-) at odds | oregonnerd: differing views

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