Windows 8.1 Error 70080005 Unable to Update Windows

July 1, 2015 at 8:02 pm Leave a comment

This may seem an odd article for me, but it’s actually not.  I’m merely reluctant to say anything about computers because of experience.  I am an expert on nothing.  I’m merely knowledgeable, very good at researching, easily frustrated and able when absolutely necessary to (for instance) think like a programmer.

This error has arisen after Windows 7 (for Windows 7, refer to the Microsoft article for this error).  In Windows 8.1 (I assume in Windows 8 also but I cannot prove it) it’s because someone chose to download and install ALL updates automatically.  Yes, I do mean optional updates as well as the important, essential ones.  At least generally you’re also logged in as a user who does not have administrative privileges.  I’ll repeat that.  You’re not logged in as Admin.

Log off.  Make sure that Windows doesn’t trick you again into logging on as a non-admin user.

FIRST, modify the settings on Windows update so that nothing is being installed automatically (you can change it back later, but don’t have either important or optional updates installed automatically for now).  For safety’s sake, Restart.

Go back and check.  Just for safety’s sake.  See if somehow there are any that have been missed.  You can put auto-install on important updates even though it’s not recommended (because sometimes they need to be installed separately for a restart between more than one)–unless you have to do so (for someone else) it’s not a good thing for optionals.  You can get a computer that won’t boot, and unless you have multiple computers (got a cell phone? then you do) you can be in quite a spot.

Why did I bother to post this?  As far as I can tell this is the only place it’s posted on the Internet for this version of Windows.  It took me around 15 hours I’d guess before I figured it out.  (No, I didn’t try to constantly think about it, my mind–given that I have one–simply doesn’t work that way.)

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