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Thank you to the observant ones who gracefully passed over my complete violation of the basic rules of security.  I did not ‘know’ the person in question but I granted account access on a timely basis, and have revoked full access.

That was the first time I have done something like that and undoubtedly the last, incidentally.  Don’t share vital account information like username/password unless with someone you really trust; I trusted the Ambassador of Japan because face was involved and because of a kind of view of a thing; I can name neither the the view nor the thing, which makes it all the more true.  I will say I was a child and young adult in Japan and that this in some ways enlightened me, though I would hardly claim to be a boddhisvatma.

Glenn–or Sam.  Should I survive my wife I fully expect to adopt the name of Samwise Davies; this, after all, is an ‘assumed’ name.  Glenn Charles is, I mean.

Entry filed under: social psychology.

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