About Turth (Truth, I Mean)

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I had to leave the misspelling.  Sorry.

This is a true story.  I was being admitted to the stand by way of oath, so that I could (basically) testify against myself.  What the case was about is another and irrelevant story (I will say the neurological doctor I had was infuriated).

The officer of the court–whichever he was–asked “Do you solemnly swear to tell the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth?” [*There was an earlier time where ‘before God’ was still part of the ritual.]

I lied and said “Yes”.  I proceeded to answer each and every question as accurately as I could.

The problem is that words are about us and not about what we perceive–they’re not even about the perceptions.  They’re about what we have in common, “what we can point to”.  I know your sorrow through your tears and grimaces, I guess at your joy through your smiles–and if I understand that language incorrectly, generally I am either criminal or ‘mentally troubled’–“or” in common usage includes “and”.

As I answered the questions I still deliberated on this.  Had I told the truth I would have at least been held in contempt of court, although my other answers wouldn’t have varied.

All we know is form; all we can do is guess at content.  That woman’s loveliness (to me) may be a source of fright to her–because she fancies I am staring at her.  [That’s merely a fictional instance, by the bye.]  Then again I found in the rather distant past that ‘her’ nervousness–since there was more than one and there was a span of years–that the nervousness on the part of women actually had signaled attraction.

I’ll admit I’m rather socially inept.  Thus I don’t look, but look away.  I’m also rather deaf, but then on the whole I’m grateful for that from what I remember, and I don’t turn my hearing aids up much at all except when listening to movies.  In respects the internet has been a blessing to me because I can actually carry on meaningful relationships.

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