Windows 10 and…Other Gripes 8]-

July 30, 2015 at 10:05 pm Leave a comment

July 30, 2015

I find I have to comment that here I am using Corel WP flaws and all due to familiarity.  However that actually does have relevance.  Windows 8.1 was fine for me.  Then again I fairly quickly wrestled Vista into submission.  It was a matter of stubbornness and doing things (through experience) the [correct] wrong way.

That has nothing to do with the operating system.  I have had 2 encounters with Apple’s, outside of choice.  I disliked Apple because of their first commercials.  I might note too that anything that “everyone has to have” is probably something I’ll decide is definitely something I can do without.  Forever.  For that matter, that’s basically what commercials have done for me.  I hope a lot of companies are pleased to hear that.  Coke.  Red Bull. [Various styles and kinds of clothing, and some kind of…something called “Axe”.] Rich people trying to sell me something so that I can be as classy as they are while not having enough to, well, be what they are (worth precisely all their money, nothing more, nothing less).  Car commercials–all utterly ridiculous.  I like a nice-looking car, sure.  The main concern is how it goes.

Which brings us to Windows 10.  I didn’t like the hoopla.  That’s generally someone spraying deodorant around to cover up someone else’s mistake.  Generally that doesn’t seem to be the case.  The Control Panel is easily available through Settings and anything complicated.  “Computer” has met its final end and you just CLICK ON THE FILES ON THE TASKBAR which does take some getting used to.  You were prepared for this by Windows 8, right?

It looks like Microsoft Edge is pretty much necessary at this point.  It works…OKAY with Firefox, and apparently much more gracefully with Chrome.  However, that makes sense since there are all sorts of Google type things around.  Not Gmail, naturally.

There are tools still to query the Gmail inbox from inside Windows.  That has always struck me as fundamentally insecure.  Then again, I was upset when we went to an always-on Internet connection. [Yes, there are definite exceptions to this rule, and I may well go ahead and implement a schedule.  I have a very advanced router so that I can do things just like that.  It’s also somewhat unlikely that it has a handy backdoor for certain U.S. folks, since it wasn’t built in the U.S.  Or by a U.S. company.

I’m bringing that up because Windows 10 is a partially cloud-based OS by intent.

This means that if you are using more than one computer at home…you’d better keep up on your passwords.  If it’s at a business, you should think carefully about stopping Internet access to your office network outside of hours.

As much as possible use a password manager and use cut-and-paste because…key presses can be detected.  It will be more difficult with the clipboard in most cases.  There are other considerations, of course.

I do not think you can avoid the update!! unless you simply right click the update (by bypassing the offer), going to the update screen itself, and managing to hide that update.  There is supposedly a route back, which I would imagine is actually fairly obvious.

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