The Last Two Silent Weeks

August 3, 2015 at 7:02 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been working on things.  Primarily it’s been Network Storage.  I have a working Lenovo Iomega ix4-300d as well as a somewhat pretend NAS because it’s 4 TB and not only default but unstoppably RAID 0.  RAID 0 is bad because when your drive fails (either of them, at least) all your data is gone.  For non-intensive use that’s basically all right.  Modern disks (hard drive type) actually don’t have a default spin rate any more, they simply go to rest.  Since you can feel drives spinning, if you’re brave and have a somewhat gentle touch, try it; pick one up while it’s flickering (the drive light, d…arn it) and you’ll find you can feel the drive that said light indicates.  [This tends not to be true of the slower 3600 RPM drives; usual drives are 7200; there are faster-spinning drives available but oddly enough they are more susceptible to shock.  I am never sardonic.  Never lie, either.  You’d be astonished at how perfect I’m not.  I mean, am.]

Partially because of the Netgear pretend-NAS when I was installing the ix4, I had some problems.  There was also something else that was probably the OS (Windows) conflicting with the native OS of the NAS itself.  I would presume.  I explained it in fair detail and they suggested a factory reset when in fact it’s now working fine.  Let sleeping dogs lie where they may and tip toe amongst the dung.

Homegroup finally works, even with a Windows 8.1 among the bunch.  That means I actually have a bunch of computers working as meant, and I can access data pretty well on one if I can’t on another.  A case in point is Kindle, the application, not working on this machine.  It does on others, however.  I’m also finally unlikely to lose any data again; I do after all have that years’–old data saved that I’ve never gone through until now.  It’s been transferred from computer to computer, you see.

So I’m back online to an extent at least.  I am however writing assiduously which means offline a lot; publishers don’t like pre-published writing.

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